Shared the Gospel on a bicycle

Rejoice Mag Mawerenga - Big Hands Foundation

Lilongwe Malawi


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Shared the Gospel on a bicycle

The Story

I met a cyclist today. I wanted to board the bike and when I did, as he took me to my destination, I asked him about Jesus. He said he loved Jesus. I could smell the cigarette smoke from his mouth. Then I went on to say that the Jesus he loved, loves him more. I talked with him about how the Lord is stronger in our weaknesses. I explained to him about Romans 8: 29 From there we both accepted that the sole purpose of God is to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ. For us to become Sons of God. I got to explain the role of the Holy Spirit in a Christians life. The reason why Jesus said He's going to leave us with the Holy Spirit was to help us become like Him. He is our ability to be like Jesus. Went on to explain how Jesus is our mirror. We laughed about how he is able to see his own image in the mirror. His teeth, face and beard. Lol. And how the Word of God is also a reflection of Jesus from which we are able to compare ourselves to. The cyclist smiled and he said he was very grateful for the Word. He showed he understood what we discussed. I tagged him the assignment to share the gospel with another. Rejoice Mawerenga Ntcheu Malawi